Astran Raises $5 Million to Drive Adoption of the Next Standard for Secure Cloud Storage

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To provide your Confidential Data the highest Cloud Security

Cloud adoption is crucial for businesses to accelerate their digitization efforts. Unfortunately, when it comes to handling confidential or regulated data, it often becomes a stumbling block: complex encryption tools, requiring multiple experts, cumbersome processes, and months if not years of implementation.

Join the ranks of industry leaders like Eiffage, Sanofi, and other public and private organizations who have already embraced the Astran solution: we understand that your most important data deserves maximum care, but above all that you need a SIMPLE and QUICK solution.

Astran data fragmentation patented technology, based on Secret Sharing, ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data in a simple and seamless manner, without the need for encryption keys. Through an S3-compatible API, Astran provides a simple and universal way to store, access and share your most vital data.

Unlock the simplicity of Astran to safeguard your confidential data.

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Trusted by the most reliable companies in the world

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Confirmed by the CNIL as an effective supplementary measure (EDPB recommendations 01/2020) to provide GDPR compliance

Zero Trust is the new normal

The only patented Zero Trust S3 storage

Astran S5 provides a Secret Sharing S3 compatible API, that does not need any encryption key:
use it as any object storage service and securely move your data to the cloud

Secret Sharing

AES256 data encryption
Resilience to cloud failures
Real time data retrieving

Cyber Security

Ransomware protection
Least privilege by design
Data immutability (versioning)
Post quantum safety

Multi Cloud

Scalable for big data
Highly Performant
Cloud agnostic
Bring your own cloud

Enterprise Ready

S3 compatible APIs
Single Sign On (SSO)
SaaS applications connectors

Freedom of choice

Activate Astran on your preferred clouds

Configure your Astran's Instance easily on supported public clouds, or connect your public/private cloud, select geography and number of stores

Compatible with any cloud

  • Astran is a zero trust cloud-native platform that runs on multiple cloud providers simultaneously.
  • Astran is compatible with any cloud technology, including today’s support of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OVH, Scaleway, Outscale and any future cloud as Astran is fully containerized and supports Kubernetes.
  • Connect your preferred cloud providers, configure your Instance and switch cloud providers just as easily whenever you need.
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